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Disney Nail Art Water Sticker Tips - 11 sheets

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1. Paint your nails in the colours of your choice to suit the decals you've chosen. Let that polish dry properly!!
2. If there's a clear film of plastic over the front of the set of decals you've chosen, now's the time to remove it before we start playing!
3. Cut around each decal that you'd like to use.
4. Place each decal, one by one, in some water for 15-30 seconds when you're ready to apply them to the chosen finger.
5. Slide the decal off the paper it comes on. (I find it easier to do this with my finger tip) Dab off excess water carefully.
6. Place the decal very lightly on your nail in the position you want it to stay and press on.
7. If you find that there is some of the decal overlapping the edge of the nail, file this off gently with a fine nail file.
8. Apply a good quality top coat (clear varnish).
9. Beautiful nails done!

Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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